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We make the dreams of a perfect partnership between people and companies come true
What do you need to follow your dreams? We do not need magic wands or spell books.

We need sincere talks, open minds, work passion and recruitment tools. Sometimes a little bit of the “sixth sense” is necessary.

These components help us join employers and employees to build stable teams. Although we recruit using hard data, we have never forgotten about personality aspects. Only a match between the two is a recipe for success.

HR stands for Human Relations for us
HR is usually associated with Human Resources. For us the acronym stands for Human Relations.

We always focus on creating long-term relationships with our clients, candidates and employees.

Depersonalising, large scale, incomprehension, indifference, superficial treatment. These are the ills the majority of the recruitment firms suffer from. You will not experience any of these while working with us. Because when you ask who is most important to us, we will always give the same answer. Everybody.

We conduct permanent recruitment and temporary recruitment
We operate as two units, i.e. Mondi Polska and Mondi PRO, to meet the expectations of clients and candidates as best as we can.

Mondi Polska deals with temporary recruitment of employees to work in Germany. We look for professionals who want to start a new career path and support them in taking successive steps. Working with us equals reliability, security and transparent employment conditions.

Mondi PRO deals with specialist and managerial recruitment for clients from around the world. We mostly operate in the production and logistics sectors but we are not afraid of taking up new challenges.

We’ve got a firm foundation
We stem from the German firm Mondi GmbH, which has been operating on the market since 2002.

At that time, Mondi Personalagentur was founded in Esslingen and Offenburg. Over the years, new offices were opened in other locations and competing firms were taken over.

As a result of expansion, a holding company bbm Baumann Beteiligung und Management GmbH & Co. KG was formed. It includes HR firms on the one hand, and those related to innovative personnel solutions in medicine, social sphere and education, on the other.

Our firm, Mondi Polska with German majority share, also belongs to the holding company. It was set up in 2011. We are based in Poznań, but we also have branch in Rzeszów. In the years that followed, we established two other firms: Mondi PRO and Pagus.

Our Polish-German origin makes our international operation much easier. We have experience working abroad, and at the same time we understand the Polish employment market perfectly well. We try to draw on the best experience of both styles of company and team management. We combine German order and meticulousness with Polish creativity and a predisposition to unconventional solutions.

We have been awarded and decorated
Each award or decoration is a source of pride and motivation for further work.
Eastern European
Business Elite Awards
Effective Company
Company with Principles
Gazelles of Business
Business Cheetah
Strong Trustworthy Company
Reliable Company
Our principles
We treat others as we would like to be treated by them. No matter how difficult the tasks ahead of us are and how difficult the emotions associated with them are, we are confident in maintaining a high culture of communication. We respect each other in MONDI.
Common goal
Each of us is different and has different responsibilities, but we all strive for a common goal. We take care of that already at the very beginning when someone new joins the team. We remember about transparent and continuous cooperation. It is not always easy but we keep trying because collaborative effort is the key to achieving a common goal.
Team success
The taste of success is great and it is wonderful when we have someone with whom to share and celebrate it. In MONDI, we help each other, we work together. We are all on the same team.
In MONDI, we are one team whose foundation is work based on mutual trust. We believe that loyalty is the key to success. Although everybody is different, we are heading in the same direction and we trust that we can rely on each other. Each and every obstacle is a challenge for us.
Effective communication
You can speak and not be understood or you can listen but not hear. Therefore, we constantly talk to each other at MONDI and this contributes to our better mutual understanding. This also enables us to succeed as a team.
We are responsible because we function like a link in a chain, i.e. we remember there are people at each end of it. We are responsible; therefore, we are entrusted with recruiting employees as the clients know that we perform our task professionally. The employees, on the other hand, trust us to take good care of them.
Drawing conclusions
All people make mistakes and so do we. We are not afraid of them. On the contrary, we try to draw conclusions from every mistake so as not to commit it again. Due to our mistakes, we have an opportunity to become better.
Constructive solutions
Developing an ability to use constructive solutions in everyday work and mutual communication is vital to us. Designing new, better modes of cooperation and alternative methods of operation allow us to meet the needs of our clients, candidates and our own.
We are sincere and honest with ourselves as well as candidates and clients. It is hard to imagine otherwise. In MONDI, all relationships are based on sincerity and trust.
Our firm
Building the MONDI brand in Poland was initiated by people who had a clear vision from the very beginning and strategy based on strong values. They have had boundless optimism and faith that you can succeed as long as you believe in success. After a few years of hard work of building the company brick by brick, as if it were our own, now we can be happy and take pride in who we are and what we are.