Client testimonials
It has been our pleasure to work with renowned partners from Poland and abroad.

Mondi ran a successful recruitment programme for us for the position of Production Department Manager. At each stage, the recruitment was conducted professionally and the candidate recommended by MONDI Pro has been with us until today.

This is all the more important as the task was not that easy due to both location of our company and high expectations towards candidates.

Bartosz Wolff
President of the WOLFF Group

We would like to recommend Mondi Polska based in Poznań with regard to their recruitment and employment services. People representing Mondi Polska show a high degree of professionalism in customer service throughout the entire period of cooperation. All orders are processed on time, and what is particularly important for us, it does not have a negative impact on the quality of employees.

Ronald Porteous
President of the Management Board

While preparing a job description, MONDI pay special attention to understanding our needs and expectations as to the candidates. This helps to avoid misunderstandings at subsequent stages of cooperation. Moreover, people delivered by MONDI have always proved to be good conversation partners, valuable candidates and meet previously specified requirements.

We particularly value the quality of profiles we have been sent. They are very elaborate. In addition to the employment history, they also contain a lot of valuable information coming from the direct meetings conducted by a Mondi specialist. (…) Mondi is not the cheapest among the recruitment firms with which we have worked, but in this case it definitely translates into a difference in the quality of customer service.

Justyna Jachimczyk
Human Resources Manager

The most important value contributed by MONDI is perseverance and creativity in search for candidates with a profile corresponding to our high expectations. Its consultants quickly find the right candidates, showing flexibility and efficiency in the implementation of particular projects. Mondi employees stayed in touch with us all the time, informing us about the status of the projects and adjusting their actions to our requirements and market conditions.

Ewa Śniegórska-Łuszczki
HR Manager

Although we used the services of seven different head hunting firms, the search for an employee in Germany which lasted a year did not produce a desirable result. At this point, one of our clients recommended Mondi Polska as the company experienced in recruiting qualified staff. (…)

Shortly after an in-depth analysis and a genuine attempt to understand our needs, Mondi delivered three candidates to us, each of whom was fully compliant with our requirements. Recruitment meetings were organised quickly and Mondi consultants showed a flexible approach, thanks to which the recruitment process was completed in a short time. (…)

Our concerns about fiscal matters related to hiring workers to be employed abroad also proved unfounded. Mondi Polska carried out the whole process, also taking care of those aspects which were not directly related to recruitment itself.

Volker Streit
Sales Manager Market Development

An unconventional way of organising the recruitment process as well as personnel and payroll services at a later stage are certainly noteworthy. The effectiveness of the recruitment activities undertaken by Mondi Polska was several times higher than in the case of processes conducted by other firms over the previous months. It should be added that Mondi know the local labour market perfectly well, so already at the stage of defining our needs we were surprised how well aware of the degree of project difficulty its representatives were. This was immediately reflected in a realistically designed action plan which took into account our location which is not appealing to potential employees.

Hubert Przybylski
Production Manager oraz Ian Godwin – VP Operations at ABC Group

In our opinion, the factors that determine Mondi’s competitive advantage include: a very good knowledge of our organisational culture and delivering candidates who are the right fit, a very good knowledge of the local market and a significant intensification of the search on this market, which, due to our location, determines the success in finding valuable candidates who would like to stay with us for longer.

Anna Sroczyńska
Regional HR Manager

Many a time I have had a chance to learn how professional and effective the people who work with us on behalf of Mondi are. Thanks to their openness, honesty and perfect understanding of the client’s needs, the Mondi team quickly earned my trust. Recruitment is carried out with commitment and timely, which confirms the quality of the services provided. Thanks to the appropriate personnel selection, we minimize the costs resulting from staff turnover.

Jacek Dominikowski
Managing Director

Compared to competing recruitment firms with which we collaborated at the same time, Mondi’s effectiveness in delivering employees who met our requirements was several times higher than other firms. (…) An individual approach, professional contact, and most importantly, a good understanding of our company needs, are among those factors that distinguish Mondi on the recruitment market.

Witold Cel
Chief Operational Officer
Where do we recruit?
Work with the right people is a pleasure. We know where to find them

Our office is located in Poznań. Here, in the heart of the city, we have our head office.

Borders and distances are not much of a problem for us. We have years of experience working with tools that make remote communication not only possible but also efficient. Video or phone conversations are just as effective as face-to-face ones. We work with firms located all over Poland, Germany and other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and Sweden.



What will our collaboration look like?
We will discuss your recruitment needs and our working style.

This is the first step to establishing a lasting relationship. We do care about getting to know your firm – its culture, specific characteristics or an ideal candidate profile. Equipped with this knowledge we know where to look for the perfect fit. At this stage, we will also present our working methods and principles of cooperation to you.

Signing a contract.

If the terms of cooperation prove appropriate, we can sign a contract. It will determine a range of our responsibilities and a timetable. The moment you sign the document, we begin searching for candidates.


Each process is conducted by an appointed consultant who stays in touch with you all the time. They will be responsible for a seamless flow of information and ensure that the candidates delivered to you live up to your expectations. We supervise the entire recruitment process so as to take on the full burden of it. This stage ends with the presentation of the candidates.

Employee selection.

You decide who among the candidates delivered to you is going to join your team. If you so wish, we will take part in the final stage of candidate selection as advisers. The selected candidate will sign a contract.

Contacting us after recruitment.

Our role does not end when new employees sign their contracts. We are still available to both the employees and the employer in case there should be further questions or comments.

What makes us stand out on the recruitment market?
We make the dreams of a perfect partnership between people and companies come true.
We pay particular attention to understanding the needs of the firm we work with.
We do think outside the box. Even if we recruit for the positions we have recruited many times so far, we know that there is more to it than just a similar name or range of responsibilities. It is nuances that often determine the final outcome. And they, in turn, require an individual approach. Therefore, each recruitment model we follow is redesigned using modern tools and methods.
The price is not what we compete with.
We do not offer the cheapest services on the market. However, if you are looking for a high degree of professionalism and cooperation which is going to last for years – we are here for you.
The partners we have worked with emphasise that we have been much more effective than the competition. So check out our references.
While recruiting we stay in touch with you from the very beginning to the very end of the process. We pay attention to every aspect and every detail. We want to take the recruitment related responsibilities off your shoulders so as to help you save time and resources. Keep developing your company – we will help your team grow.
We focus on relationships.
For us, HR stands for Human Relations. This is our motto which is not an empty slogan but it reflects our attitude towards work. People are more important to us than Excel charts. Our goal is your and your employees' satisfaction and long-term, stable cooperation. We have succeeded in achieving it. For years, we have been recruiting for various companies, sometimes supporting the entire personnel policy of a given company.
We are not afraid of challenges.
We are experienced in complex recruitment processes for both specialised positions and those requiring specific skills. We also conduct them in specific local markets, i.e. markets with very low unemployment rates and a small percentage of candidates actively looking for a job.
Let’s talk about recruitment
Looking for employees? Stop. We’ll do the job for you.

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