What is Mondi Supports Talents?
The Mondi Supports Talents Programme is the programme which promotes the development of a child in one of the three categories: Art, Science or Sports.

It is aimed at children whose skills stand out from these of their peers, and their development would be impossible without external support, for example, due to financial constraints. We hope to open new avenues for them and make their first steps into adulthood easier. Our motto is “Make the dreams of a perfect partnership between people and companies come true”. We always look ahead, and one of our priorities is continuous development. As part of the “Mondi Supports Talents” Programme, we want to fulfill the dreams of young people about development, because someday they will decide about our future.

We are looking for new talents all year long, constantly recruiting for the Programme. There are two regular editions of the Programme – every spring and every autumn. It is then that we select our new charges.

Why do we do that?
  • Most of us come from small towns. We do understand that difficulties are overwhelming when you start your adult life. We want to remove the obstacles that these exceptional young people may face and give them an opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Development is very important to us. We are constantly improving our qualifications and we want to give others a similar opportunity.
  • We know that children are our future. We want to take care of it!
What is the award?
We offer financial support to pay the bills for the child’s talent development programme (e.g. course or training fees, purchase of equipment or materials enabling talent development, tickets etc.).

Financial support will be provided based on the Talent Development Plan. It will be designed by our company in collaboration with the child’s carer and the child itself. The carers’ task will be to list specific activities and subjects that will help the child to develop its unique skills and we will cover the costs.

We also provide our charges with professional help, advise in difficult choices or offer psychological support. We try to serve as mentors and share our knowledge and experience. We also open the door of our company for the winners in the programme, i.e. we show what our work and everyday challenges look like, and we invite them to participate in important company events, such as motivational seminars.

Why should your child participate?
  • Participation in the programme is free.
  • The aid that your child is likely to receive will be tailored to its needs.
  • We can assist you as a carer in ensuring the child’s future.
  • Our support is long-lasting – we sign a contract for at least a year.
  • Developing a child’s talent at an early stage will help them in their adult life.
What conditions does a participant have to meet?
Be under
18 years of age
Be talented in one out of three categories: Art, Science or Sports and be able to prove that (for example, s/he has made achievements in sport, can play the instrument well, has participated and achieved very good results in competitions and school contests, etc.)
How to enter a child for Mondi Supports Talents?
Step 1
Read the Rules
Step 2
Download documents from our website (Application Form, Rules, Image Permission)
Step 3
The Application Form must be completed and typed on the computer; the answers to the questions should be brief, concise and to the point.
Step 4
Read, print and sign the Application From and Image Permission and accept the Rules.
Step 5
Gather proofs confirming the child's talent – audio or video recordings, scans of artwork, evidence of winning contests. If possible, ask a third party (e.g. a teacher, private tutor or coach) to write an opinion about the child and his/her talent.
Step 6
Scan all necessary and completed documents (application form with attachments and image permission) and the evidence of the child's talent and submit the Application. In the case of physical evidence (e.g. cups, statuettes or other awards), take a picture. A recording of a performance is also regarded as evidence.
The winners of the previous editions of the Programme
Jakub Siemiński

Jakub is a sixteen-years-old boy who is passionate about wrestling. It is not only his favorite sport but also a way to work on himself.

Kuba has been training for four years now, conscientiously taking part in intense trainings. This year, he was called for Polish National Team! He occurs in a group of cadets in a weight category up to 110 kilograms. He takes part in sports camps and tournaments, achieving numerous successes.

Zuzanna Misiorna

Zuzia is only fifteen-years-old but has already been training Taekwondo for eight years.

Even though a list of her successes is long, it is worth highlighting that she has managed to get three belts in one year.

This year, she got nominated for Polish National Team. Zuzia makes great progress on each training.

Bartosz Siejak

Bartosz has been developing his talent for five years. At the beginning, he was focusing on drawing and making collages. Currently, he is perfecting his skills in the graphic design.

He is spending all his spare time on mastering his skills and new techniques as well as looking for inspirations.

Filip Tomczak

Filip is an extraordinarily talented seventeen-years-old director and screenwriter from Poznan. He is passionate about film production, especially on the stages of screen writing and directing. He has been developing his skills by organizing movie sets on several occasions.

Filip has also won numerous awards in art competitions.

Nadia Schmidt

Nadia is 11 by now and comes from Koninko.

Her talent can be seen right in the picture – she is practicing artistic gymnastics with significant successes. Among her track record are, among others, the first place at the National Winter Tournament Warsaw 2018 or the third place at the International Carramba Cup Tournament in 2018 Katowice and II and III place in the finals.

Her development is strongly supported by her parents – even her mother even learned to sew and is the creator of Nadia’s fine competition outfits! We are proud to join them in this support and we admire commitment.

Gabrielle Klimek

She is already 13 years old and lives in Poznań. Her talent is volleyball.

She trains from the age of 7, starting as one of the youngest practitioners in the club. She is affiliated with SKF KS Poznań and the Greater Poland Volleyball Association. Her biggest dream is to qualify for national women’s volleyball representation. We hope a lot that we will help her reach this goal. She’s got a huge potential! She plays tournaments as part of the cadets, the youth, the junior category and also in the 3rd league GPVA and is a very strong keystone of their teams! He trains regularly and with significant commitment, not forgetting about school – she also has plenty of successes in this field.

Her coach described Gabrielle as one of the best players in the Greater Poland in her yearbook. We have a feeling that soon we will see Gabrielle on very well-known basketball courts and we keep our fingers crossed for her!

Wiktor Nowacki

Wiktor is 17 and is a student of the Telecommunication College Corp of Mikołaj Kopernik in Poznan. He is a talented robotic designer, winner of many competitions and technical contests. His passion and commitment bring extraordinary effects – he not only by programing robots, but also creating parts with the help of a 3D printer.

A complete application form should be sent to
Remember that application forms that do not contain all the necessary elements will not be considered.